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Walking Trees

The Blind Man Who Didn’t Pretend


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Walking Trees : The Blind Man Who Didn’t Pretend

One time some people brought a blind man to Jesus and asked Jesus to touch him and make him better. Jesus took the blind man by the hand and led him out of the town.

Have you ever closed your eyes and let someone hold your hand and lead you around? Try it sometime. It can feel a little strange to not know where you’re going. It can feel a little scary not knowing if you might trip on something or run into a wall. But, the man had to trust and obey Jesus if he wanted to be healed! So he let Jesus lead him.

When they got outside the town, Jesus did something that might sound strange to you. He spit on the man’s eyes! Then Jesus put his hands on the man’s eyes. When He took His hands off, He asked the man, “Do you see anything now?”

The man looked around. “Yes,” he answered, “I see people. But…” The man squinted his eyes and rubbed them. “But the people are blurry. I can’t see them clearly. They look like trees walking around.”

The blind man wasn’t totally blind anymore, but he couldn’t see clearly either. Maybe he could tell a person was near him, but he couldn’t see their eyes. Were they looking at him or somewhere else? Were they smiling at him or frowning at him? Everything he saw was blurry and fuzzy, which was maybe a little better than seeing nothing, but he knew that Jesus could make his eyes TOTALLY better! Totally able to see the smiles on people’s faces, the color of people’s eyes, the petals on a flower, the leaves fluttering in the wind, and the itty-bitty ladybug crawling in the grass.

Think about it…

What if the man had pretended he could see clearly? What if he had started jumping up and down saying, “Yay, I can see! I’m all better now!” and ran off happily? He wouldn’t have gotten very far before tripping over a rock! That’s not really seeing!

What if he had been too proud to tell Jesus he still couldn’t see clearly because he wanted to make it seem like he was big stuff and didn’t need help any more? He would have tried to shake a tree’s hand to say, “Hi, nice to meet you!” That wouldn’t be really seeing.

What if he didn’t want to disappoint the people who had brought him to Jesus and had said, “I’m all better now!” just because he didn’t want to hurt his friends’ feelings? He might have tried to climb people to pick apples! That’s definitely not seeing!

What if he had just given up because he started feeling sad and sorry for himself and thought, “I won’t ever be able to see clearly. It’s just too hard for Jesus to change me. I’ll just go home.” If he had quit partway through with Jesus, he would have lived the rest of his life in a blurry, fuzzy world and he never would’ve been able to see clearly!

But… the man didn’t pretend, or stay proud, or try to please people, or give up. Instead, he was totally honest. He said, “I see… I see… not really, very clearly. People just look like trees walking around!”

After that, Jesus put His hands on the man’s eyes one more time. This time, when the man’s eyes opened, he could see everything clearly, clearly, clearly! The people and children and flowers and leaves and the little, itty-bitty ladybugs, and Jesus’ smiling eyes! Because he was honest, Jesus was able to heal him and make him TOTALLY better!