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This is not a “children’s bible” or a “children’s translation.” This is good ol’ fashioned storytelling much like you’d do around a campfire or while tucking a child into bed.

Our hope is to share with children the Alive and Active Word (Hebrews 4:12) that aims to get at the motives of why people (adults AND children!) do what they do.

Once complete, there will be a total of 365 videos—so check back often. The best way to experience the videos is on the mobile app. Also, be sure to check out the children's songs and coloring sheets.

Note to Parents Man hearing a whisper

Could it be? While we certainly always try to be very accurate, this is an interpretive retelling of the Bible Story in a child’s language. Since we know what kinds of motives are in our own hearts (1 Cor. 10:13), it’s not hard to imagine what people could have been thinking during those times. So we took the very things we have considered and learned and applied in our own lives, and wrapped them up in these stories. We do realize that maybe it was—or maybe it wasn’t—what that particular person was thinking. We recommend a diligence in making sure the children hear the actual text of the Bible alongside this. On each video image, the Biblical context references are listed.

Love of All

Songs from the stories and life.

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Noah working on the ark

Like Noah's task, this is a work in progress. New and updated videos will be added every week. Many of these are our “rough drafts,” but in view of the current times, we hoped that making them available now would be helpful.