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The Man Who Wanted Reality


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Thomas : The Man Who Wanted Reality

After Mary ran back and told all the brothers that Jesus was alive, Jesus appeared right there in the house where the followers were (even though the door was locked). All His followers saw Him! Mmm… all, except Thomas. Thomas hadn’t been in the house when Jesus came.

The other followers were amazed and excited. When Thomas came back they said, “Thomas, Thomas! We saw Him! It was Awesome! Jesus is alive. He talked to us! He’s Alive!”

But Thomas was not so excited yet. “I have to see the owies in His hands and touch them with my finger. I have to see the cut in His side and touch it with my hand. I have to have the truth, the Reality, not pretend.”

Thomas didn’t want to just hear about Jesus from others. He wasn’t just happy because everyone else had seen Jesus. He wanted to see Jesus himself, for real!

Well eight days later, Jesus’ followers were all together again. Thomas was there too this time. And Jesus came right into the house (even though the door was locked) and stood there with them. He looked right at Thomas. “Touch My hands here with your finger, Thomas. Touch My side here with your hand. Don’t wait any longer. Believe Me!”

Thomas knew it was really Jesus. His eyes filled with tears, and his hands were shaking as he declared, “My Lord and my God!”

Then Jesus said to him, “Do you believe because your eyes have seen Me now? I’m really happy with people who haven’t even seen Me with their eyes, but still can See, See, See the Reality of who I am.”