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The End Is Coming

Watch, Work, and Love Every Day


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The End Is Coming : Watch, Work, and Love Every Day

One day Jesus’ disciples had a question. “Jesus,” they began, “You’ve told us so many things that are going to happen, but WHEN will they happen?”

Jesus answered by telling them about wars and famines and persecution… and about how the good news of His Kingdom would be shouted out to all the nations of the earth… and then… the end would come. And He told them about how the day would come when the Son of Man would come on the clouds with power and great glory, with angels blowing their trumpets and Jesus gathering together all who belong to Him.

Jesus looked at His disciples and said, “So be ready! You ask Me ’when’ all these things will happen? But the angels and I don’t even know the exact day and hour. Only the Father knows. But it will be like it was in the days of Noah — people will just be going about their normal lives, and then one day — Wham! Rain, rain, rain.

“So Watch! Stay alert! Be sharp! The day will come… like how a thief sneaks up on people when they’re asleep. Boo!

“Or like how when a master leaves his house and the servants don’t know when he’s coming back. They’d better not be found being lazy. (“Hey! I’m back.”)

“Or like ten very well-behaved ladies waiting for a special wedding party (back then, the groom liked to keep the wedding date a surprise). But when the groom shows up ready to get married — ‘Surprise!’ — half of the ladies foolishly didn’t have enough oil for their lamps. ‘Help! We’re out of oil. Share with us.’ But the wise ladies told them, ‘You have to have your own oil to get in. Go get some.’ So the foolish got left out in the dark. (“Can’t come in! I don’t know you.”)

“So I’m telling you, stay alert! Because you don’t know the day or the hour.”

Did you know?

Do you think this still applies to us now? Oh yeah. Because Jesus hasn’t come back on those clouds yet, so you can’t think, “Well, some day I‘ll follow God, maybe when I’m old… But for now I wanna live my life for me, me, me.” Oooooh… Danger. God is not mocked. You always harvest what you plant. And you can’t plant your me, me, me wild oats now thinking you won’t harvest destruction later — or at least a whirlwind of pain. And, oh how hurtful it is to God when we choose our flesh and sin over being part of His Big Plan.

When the Son of Man, Jesus, comes back in all His Glory with all the angels with Him, He will come and sit on His glorious throne. All people from all the countries of the world will be gathered together in front of Him. He will separate the people just like a shepherd separates the sheep from the goats.

Jesus will put the sheep on His right and the goats on His left. He will say to the people on His right, “Come, blessed loved ones, come and receive the kingdom that’s been made ready for you since the beginning of the world! I was hungry, and you filled My empty stomach with food. I was thirsty and you gave Me a drink. I was unfamiliar to you and yet, you welcomed Me. I was in need of clothes, and you dressed Me. I was sick and you stayed by Me and cared for Me. I was in prison, and you visited Me.”

Then the righteous sheep will ask, “Lord, when did we do all that? We don’t remember seeing You hungry and feeding You, or giving You a drink when You were thirsty? And we don’t remember giving You clothes or visiting You?”

But the Shepherd King will say, “Ohh, anytime you did one of these things for the littlest in My family, you did it for Me!”

Then the Shepherd King will turn to those on His left. “Get away from Me, you doomed into the fire that was made for the devil and his angels.”

Did you know?

I want you to notice that Jesus said this doom of fire was made for satan and his angels, NOT for you. Jesus has a wonderful kingdom that has been made ready for you since the beginning of time. And THAT is the future that God offers you.

But those who refuse to let Jesus be their King, are choosing the doom that God never wanted for them.

Jesus will tell them, “I was hungry. I was thirsty. I needed clothes... and you gave Me nothing. I was in need and you shooed Me away. I was sick and in prison, and you didn’t care to visit Me.”

Then those people will ask, “But Lord, when did this happen? When did we see You hungry or thirsty or needy or cold or sick or in prison, and do nothing? When?”

Then the King will tell them, “When you would not do it for the smallest of those who are Mine, you did not do it for Me.” And those people will be done away with into forever punishment.

But the righteous will enter into Forever Life!

What do you need to learn from these things Jesus said? That there’s an end coming… so live like it! Don’t sleep and slumber as if what you do today doesn’t matter.

Do God’s business with everything He’s given you… EVERY day. Because if you want to be with God forever, you can’t save “loving Him” for a later day. It starts now. Today! By Loving those who are His.