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Puzzle Pieces : Don’t Create Pictures by Accident

Have you ever thought about how we can KNOW that the Bible is true? Not every book you read is true, right? Some books are just made up. But not the Bible!

Do you want to know some of the ways that I know the Bible is true? One way is because the written words in the Bible prove it’s TRUE as they COME ALIVE in my life every day! It stirs my heart. It lights my path. It proves itself within me every day with “Yes! This is it! This is what life is about!”

It also proves itself by fruit. We’ve talked a lot about bad seeds making bad plants grow, and good seeds making good plants grow. So one way you can know if something is right or not is to watch what kind of fruit grows from it — because God’s ways WORK!

Another way I know the Bible is true is this: Historians and scientists and everyone know and agree that the Bible was written over the course of thousands of years, by many different people. But it’s really awesome how when you line up all the books and letters of the Bible together, they all tell the SAME story. It all fits together like a beautiful puzzle, even though it was written by many different people, most of whom didn’t even know each other or even live at the same time. All of the pieces fitting together shows there is One Author, One God who is writing this One Amazing story from beginning to end.

Think about it…

Have you ever done a puzzle? What if over time you found a bunch of puzzle pieces scattered around and started collecting them? Maybe you find one under your bed, one out on a walk, and one in your old lost toy truck. And what if once you started connecting all of the pieces to each other, you could see that it made one beautiful picture — like of a bird or a sunset.

As you looked at that picture, would you ever think, “Maybe it’s just an accident that all of those pieces fit perfectly together to make this picture, just a coincidence. It’s just random chance.”? Nooo! That would be ridiculous! Of course those pieces were supposed to fit together, or it wouldn’t make a picture at all. That’s kind of what it’s like with all the books and letters in the Bible. They fit together! And there is no way they could fit by random chance. They were obviously made to go together.

Also, many of the prophets in the Bible talked about things that would happen in the future.

Just for one example: No one thinks the parts of the Bible like Amos, Hosea, or Isaiah were written after Jesus died. It’s just not possible. There’s a lot of historical evidence that proves these books were written way before Jesus was born, but they talk about Jesus many times. The prophets said, “These things are going to happen,” and they did happen — hundreds of years later.

There are over 300 times in the Bible where someone says something about the Rescuer — JESUS — before He was even born. God’s Heaven-Seers were so connected to Him that they could see and say prophetic things — things that had not even happened yet! — maybe even without fully knowing what they were Seeing forward to.

Do you realize how amazing that is? Let me give you an example…

What if I told you right now that once you were all grown up, you were going to meet a special man who would change your life… and that he would have white hair. You might think, “Well, you might be right just by accident. It would be easy to meet a man with white hair someday. You have a chance of getting that right just by accident, by coincidence.”

But, what if a little later I told you that he would also have a beard, and a scar on his right arm?

Then what if years later, someone else who you’d never met (and who didn’t know me) told you that this special man would drive a green truck and be from Africa, even though he was born in Asia?

Woah! There isn’t much of a chance that you’d meet someone exactly like that just by accident, is there?

And then what if years later you found a reaaaally old letter that someone wrote hundreds of years ago and it talked about this same man — and that he would be a furniture builder and that his mom’s name was Mary Jane. And then a while later, another person came and whispered in your ear that this special man would come on a rainy day, and that he would have a blue tie with horses on it. And what if many more people told you many more things like this about this special man?

That’s a lot of specific details, isn’t it?! That would be waaaaay tooooo many things to just happen all at the same time by accident, wouldn’t it?

And now, let’s imagine that one day when you were grown up, you met a man who you really liked a lot. He made your heart thump, thump, thump, thump as you walked along and talked to him. Life made sense when you were with him. As you sat together eating lunch you found out he was from Africa, but born in Asia. Then you suddenly realized this man had white hair, and a beard. Remembering what people had told you so long before, you’d start to think, “Wow! Could this be the man?!” And just then — drip, drop, drip, drop — it started to rain, and as the man reached to open his umbrella, you saw a scar on his right arm! Whaaat?!

And then if he said, “Let’s go! We have to get out of this rain!” and off he ran to his green truck (with some furniture in the back). And just as you hopped into his truck, there on the seat was a lovely blue tie with horses on it. You’d know, “This is HIM! This is the guy! THIS IS THE GUY!”

If that happened, would you give that man your attention? Would you believe the things he said? Would you believe the people who had told you about him, too? You better believe it!

Especially if he changes your life and everything becomes wonderfully different when you’re with him. That’s what I meant when I said, “Most of all, the fruit from His seeds is healthy, yummy, and makes you Come ALIVE to God when you eat it.”

So there’s a little example for you of what it was like for all those prophets and other people to write about Jesus for years and years before He was even born.

And then He came! He fulfilled and made true and real everything the prophets and psalms had said about Him. And everyone whose hearts thump, thump, thumped came alive to Him and His Life.

So, pay close attention when you read your Bibles and talk to your Father in Heaven because He has Life-Changing plans for you, too!