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The Second Man To Walk on Water


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Peter : The Second Man To Walk on Water

After Jesus fed the little boy’s lunch to the way-more-than-5000 people, the people He fed started saying, “This is the one we’ve been waiting for,” and they were going to try to force Jesus to be king! So Jesus made the disciples get into the boat and go on ahead of Him to the other side of the lake, and He sent the crowd of people away to their homes and villages.

After this, Jesus went up on a mountainside by Himself to pray to His Father in Heaven. Jesus needed some time to pray (and the disciples needed some time to think about what had just happened with that little boy’s lunch.)

Later that night, Jesus was there on the mountainside all alone, and He could see that the disciples’ boat was already way far away from the land. It was a very windy night and their boat was getting hit hard by the waves.

As the night was ending, Jesus decided it was time to join His disciples. So He started walk, walk, walking on the lake to them. He wasn’t swimming. And He wasn’t walking IN the water. He was walking ON the water.

When the disciples saw Him walking on the water, they were terrified. “It’s a ghost,” they said. And they started screaming! Ahhhhh!

But Jesus said to them, “Have Courage! I AM the One. Don’t be afraid.”

The disciples’ hearts were racing. Was it really Jesus? Well, Peter knew how to tell if it was Jesus or not.

Peter shouted, “Lord, if it’s really You, order me to come to You on the water.”

(You see, Peter knew that if Jesus told him to do something, then he would be able to do it. That’s the kind of faith Peter and the others had needed a few hours earlier when the way-more-than-5000 people had needed food and Jesus had said, “You feed them.” When Jesus tells us to do something, we need to believe we can do it.)

I bet you know what Jesus said when Peter shouted to Him. Jesus told Peter to “COME!” So Peter climbed over the edge of that boat and started walk, walk, walking on the water toward Jesus.

So there they were walking on the water, Jesus and Peter. It was an AWESOME sight to see two men walking on the lake!

But then, all of a sudden, when Peter stopped looking at Jesus and started looking at the wind and waves, he became afraid and he started to sink and get water up his nose.

Peter cried out, “Lord, help! Lord, save… save me!!”

Right away Jesus reached out His hand and grabbed Peter.

“O Peter, your faith is so itty bitty,” He said. “Why did you start doubting? You let doubt win. Why don’t you trust Me all the way?”

Jesus and Peter climbed into the boat. Right then the stormy wind calmed down and the boat — Ziiiiip! Poof! — immediately reached the shore where they were going.

Those who were in the boat worshiped Jesus, saying, “It’s True. You really are the Son of God.”

But, at the same time, they were confused about it because their hearts were not yet soft about what had happened with the bread and fish. Jesus had told them to give the people something to eat. But they did not yet have enough Faith to do it.

They had done miracles before. They had healed the sick and had made satan fall down like lightning from the sky. But, they still needed to Trust more.

Sometime after this, Jesus told them that if they would just pray and believe, that whatever they would ask for would be theirs. He told them that if they would just have Faith the size of a small mustard seed, that they could make mountains move!

They can’t move mountains yet. But, just keep listening and watch them change. They will start to have Gigantic Faith!