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No More Ouch

The Lady Who Touched Jesus


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No More Ouch : The Lady Who Touched Jesus

Once there was a lady. Her eyes were sad. Her face was pale. For 12 long years her tummy ached. It hurt and hurt and wouldn’t stop.

For 12 long years, doctors couldn’t help. And the lady was afraid.

Plus, her friends and family had to stay away. Just like a leper, the lady with a tummy ache couldn’t touch anyone. It was a BIG problem. Who could help?

One day a crowd gathered in the town. Jesus was here!

When Jesus touched people, blind people could see. Crippled people could walk. Jesus could fix every problem. HE could make her tummy ache go away!

“I must get to HIM!” the lady said.

She stood up — Ouch.

She left her house. She walked and walked — Ouch, Ouch.

She pushed through the crowd — Bump, Bump, Bump — Ouch, Ouch, Ouch.

But she didn’t think about the ouch. She didn’t think about the crowd. She didn’t think about how far she had to go. She now saw HIM.

And all she thought was, “Just a little farther. If only I reach… if only I stretch… if only I try to barely touch the tiniest bit of His robe…”

AND SHE DID!! And suddenly — no more ouch!!

“Wait!” Jesus stopped — Bump, Bump, Bump.

“Who… TOUCHED Me?!” He asked.

“Uhh… but, Master, EVERYONE is touching You!”

“No,” Jesus smiled. “Someone REALLY touched Me. I know that power went out from Me.”

The lady WITHOUT a tummy ache was trembling with fear. But she couldn’t hide from Jesus. She stepped out of the crowd. She bowed on the ground in front of Him and told Jesus everything, as everyone listened.

“Lord, for 12 years I had a tummy ache. Friends couldn’t help. Doctors couldn’t help. I was afraid of the crowd. But I knew — I knew YOU could help! I knew if only I touched You, I would be well. And now ALL my hurt is gone!”

Jesus took her hand. His eyes sparkled. And now her eyes sparkled. He said, “Daughter, your Faith has healed you. Go home with a peaceful heart and be well forever.”

And she did!