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Feeling Silly Opens God’s Doors


Green triangles are narrated and fully illustrated and will have simple animation added along the way. Yellow triangles have narration, but the illustrations aren't done yet. Videos with red triangles are planned. New and updated videos will be added very often.

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Naaman : Feeling Silly Opens God’s Doors

Naaman was a soldier. He was a great soldier and a commander of an army. He was important. But Naaman was sick. His skin had owies all over it. Owies that hurt and oozed and didn’t ever get better.

One day a young servant girl said to Naaman’s wife, “I know someone who can make Naaman better and help all of his owies go away.”

“You do?” his wife answered. “Tell me who.”

“His name is Elisha. He’s a prophet of God. When God speaks, Elisha listens and obeys and that makes God very happy. And when Elisha asks God things, God listens to him.”

Naaman’s wife told Naaman what the servant girl said and Naaman went right away to the king to ask him if he could go see Elisha. The king said, “Yes! Go!”

Naaman started to think about what special things he could take with him to give the prophet to make him better.

“I know. I will take lots of silver and gold and clothes. Surely the prophet will help me if I give him all these beautiful treasures.” And off Naaman and his servants went with all his horses and chariots full of treasures.

Naaman finally stopped at Elisha’s house and Elisha sent a messenger out with a special message for Naaman.

The messenger said, “To make your owies better, go to the Jordan River. Get into the river and wash yourself 1 time. Then wash yourself 2 times. Then 3 times, 4, 5, 6, 7 times! When you do that, all your owies will be gone. You will be well again.”

“What? That is the silliest thing I’ve ever heard. The Jordan River is full of muddy, dirty water. How will that make me better? There are other rivers that are better and cleaner and it would make so much more sense to wash in those rivers. And I will look so silly washing myself seven times. Wouldn’t one time be enough? I wanted to be better just by Elisha speaking to me and waving his hand over me. I didn’t want to have to do something silly. What if people laugh at me? No way!”

And Naaman stomped away.

Naaman’s servants heard everything that happened and decided they needed to help Naaman. “Naaman,” they said, “you’re being very prideful. The man of God has asked you to do a simple thing. You just need to obey. If he would have asked you to do some great important thing, don’t you think you would have done it? God can heal you and bless you if you will just obey the simple thing Elisha asked of you. Will you?”

“You’re right,” Naaman replied and immediately went and washed himself 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 times in the Jordan River. All his owies were gone. His skin was as new and soft as a little baby!

Naaman and his servants went back to Elisha said, “There is only One God in all the world, the God of Israel, the God you serve Elisha. Here are some special gifts for you.”

“No thanks, Naaman,” Elisha said, “keep all your stuff.”