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Tries To Be a Hero


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Moses : Tries To Be a Hero

Moses was now the son of the Pharaoh’s daughter who was a princess of Egypt. So Moses grew up in her house and was treated very well. Moses was living in a nice comfy house with plenty of good food to eat, and no hard work. But the other children of Israel were slaves.

Moses was educated in everything the Egyptians knew and was powerful in his words and in what he did. Even though Moses was treated like a wealthy Egyptian, he knew that he was really one of the children of Israel.

When he was about forty years old, Moses thought to himself, “I really want to go and visit my fellow Israelites. I want to see what their lives are like here in Egypt.” Moses did just that. And do you know what he saw? He saw how mean and cruel the Egyptians were to God’s people.

This upset Moses. He didn’t like living like an Egyptian while his people were being treated so terribly.

He didn’t want to be called the son of the princess anymore. He wanted to be one of God’s children.

He could see with Heaven-Eyes that being a child of God was better than having a comfy house, yummy food, and an easy life. He’d rather be treated terribly with the Israelites than live a temporary pleasure-life as an Egyptian.

Just then, Moses saw an Egyptian man hitting and hitting one of the Israelite men, and the man had done nothing wrong! That made Moses very angry. So when he saw no one else was around, he rushed over and killed the Egyptian.

The next day Moses went out again, wondering if he could help. “Maybe I could help God’s children get out of this trouble? I have a good position in Pharaoh’s house. I’ve learned a lot and I’m a pretty powerful guy since I’ve been the son of the princess.”

Then, he saw two of God’s children fighting with each other. He rushed over to stop them, “Brothers, brothers, why are you treating each other this way? This is very bad!”

The brother who was wrong push, push, pushed Moses away and said, “Who do you think you are? Who made you a ruler and boss over us? Are you going to kill me like you killed the Egyptian yesterday?”

Think about it…

Woah… That sounds defensive, doesn’t it? These men are supposed to all be on the same side, part of the same Family. Even if Moses did mistakenly rush in, for this brother to smart-mouth back, “You aren’t my boss” or “who do you think you are to try to help me” — this is never a right response.

People in God’s Family should be soft with each other. But, it’s easy to feel defensive, especially when you are the one who is wrong.

Please remember that the next time someone is trying to help you. Of course, I’m sure you would never push anyone or smart-mouth back like that. But push, push, pushing doesn’t always happen with hands. Sometimes we push people away just by having a stony, cold, un-soft heart. When there’s a problem and someone is trying to help you, be soft. Because it is very hard to help defensive, pushing people.

By now, Moses knew he had a problem. It seems like he’d rushed in thinking “his job” was to be a hero and “fix things” when he should have been humbly listening and waiting on God. Moses was part of God’s future Plan to save the people from slavery, but Moses needed to learn to be humble first. Trying to rush in on his own and be a hero wasn’t really what God had in mind.

And now Moses had another problem, because when the Pharaoh found out about all this, he was so mad that he tried to kill Moses. So, Moses ran away from Egypt.