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Jesus’ Mommy Says “Yes”


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Mary : Jesus’ Mommy Says “Yes”

God was ready. As you know from the previous stories, the Deal of Rules that God had made during the time of Moses just wasn’t going to be enough for God’s Big Plan to work. People were just too stubborn. So God started getting ready to do something new! (A New Agreement is coming.)

Where would God start in getting things ready for this New Agreement? He would start with His Son.

God Himself was going to come to earth as a little baby boy. He was going to grow up and live as a man, just like us. He wasn’t going to just “poof!” down to earth for a little while. He was going to LIVE LIFE, as a person.

To do that, He would start at the very beginning of a life’s journey — as a baby.

God wanted this baby to have a mommy, so God picked a very special young lady to be a mommy for His Son. Her name was Mary.

One day an angel came to Mary and said, “Hi, you very loved lady! The Lord is with you.”

Hmmm… This greeting was a little troubling to Mary, because it seemed a little weird. So, the angel continued, “Don’t be afraid, Mary. God is very happy with you! I’m just here to tell you that you are going to have a baby boy, and you will name Him Jesus. He will be called the Son of the Most High God. And God will give Him the throne of His father David. His Kingdom will never end.”

Mary knew some about God’s Big Plan because she had grown up hearing about Moses and the prophets and about God’s promise to David that a Rescuer King would come and save them. And Mary had hoped for this Messiah to come, but she didn’t know that God would choose her to be the mommy!

“Me?” she asked. “But I’m not even married yet? How can I have a baby?”

The angel answered Mary, “The Holy Spirit will take care of that. Nothing is impossible with God!”

Think about it…

Do you remember that the prophet Isaiah had said this would happen? That the Messiah would be put inside a mommy who was not married yet.

Mary’s thoughts were racing. Even though the prophet Isaiah had said many years before that this would happen, God had never put His Son in a lady’s tummy before! People wouldn’t believe her if she said God had chosen her. People would think she was lying if she told them. They would think she was a very bad lady.

But, Mary didn’t care! If God had chose, chose, chosen her, she was going to say, “Yes, Yes, YES!” to God, no matter what He asked from her. We can’t just hope for God to keep His promises using other people; we have to be ready to do our part when He asks.

She knew it was not enough to just pray and hope for a Rescuer to come. She also needed to be willing to be the one picked to be His mommy. She knew she had to be willing to do her part in God’s Big Plan if she wanted to see God’s Big Plan come true. And she did!

So, she told the angel, “Yes, Yes, Yes! I am a little servant girl of the Lord. So, let everything you said happen to me. I want it to happen! Do it!”

God really liked that answer. Good things happen when we say “Yes, Yes, YES!” to anything God asks us, no matter how hard it is or what people think of us.