Bible Stories for the Young

Joshua & Caleb

The Men Who Said, “We Can Do It!”


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Joshua & Caleb : The Men Who Said, “We Can Do It!”

It was time! God was ready to give the Promised Land to His People. He told them it was a good land full of food to eat and houses to live in. He had led them

out of slavery,

through the sea,

and across the desert to get to this new home.

Moses told Joshua and Caleb and ten other men to go check out the new home before everyone moved there. And they found out it WAS a good land. They found streams and trees, milk and honey, and lots of fruit. In fact, they found the biggest bunch of grapes they had EVER seen. It was so big it took two guys to carry it!

But they found other big things too. Big cities with big walls, big armies, and big, big, big people. Giants!

When some of the men saw that going into the land might be hard, what did they do? Well, ten of them (NOT Joshua and Caleb) whined and cried and panicked and pouted, and said, “Those people are too big for us! It’s too hard! God shouldn’t have given us such a big job. We can’t do it!”

But Joshua and Caleb? They did NOT whine or cry or panic or pout. It made them sad that the other men were not trusting God. They said, “Don’t be scared! God led us

out of slavery,

through the sea,

and across the desert.

This is not too hard for God! He can do anything! This is what we have been waiting for — the land promised to Abraham, Isaac and Jacob — Our Promised Land! God chose this home for us and wants us to move there, so we CAN do it!”

(This is great! Finally someone is believing God CAN do it!)

But the ten other men still whined and cried and panicked and pouted, until many more of the people started whining, and crying, and panicking and pouting too. So do you know what God said when He heard all that whining, crying, panicking, and pouting? He said, “I led these people

out of slavery,

through the sea,

and across the desert,

but they still don’t trust Me enough to obey and go where I asked. So, everyone who didn’t trust Me and said, “it’s too hard” has to wander, wander, wander around in the desert for forty years — the rest of their lives. They can’t go into the Promised Land.”

“But Joshua and Caleb can!” God said. “Joshua and Caleb are different! They trusted Me with their whole hearts, so I will bring them into the new home, the good land that I have picked out for My People.“

But it couldn’t happen right away. Because of the people’s “it’s too hard” unbelief, God again was going to have to take the slower way to the Promised Land. The ten men who had started the unbelief died from a disease that same day. And all the rest of the people had to go back out into the desert.

They’d all have to wander, wander, wander for awhile, until the older, unbelieving generation had all died. After that, then Joshua and Caleb would be able to go into the Promised Land with all the young’uns!