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Blow the Trumpet, Drop Everything, and Come Together


Green triangles are narrated and fully illustrated and will have simple animation added along the way. Yellow triangles have narration, but the illustrations aren't done yet. Videos with red triangles are planned. New and updated videos will be added very often.

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Joel : Blow the Trumpet, Drop Everything, and Come Together

Blow, Blow, Blow the trumpet in Zion. Set aside a special time to humble yourself before God. Come, Come, Come together. Gather everyone together and wash yourselves clean of all yuckiness.

Bring the old and the young, even the littlest babies. Let the bride and bridegroom leave their honeymoon and come join us. (He’s saying: “No matter who you are or what you are doing — drop everything and come together before God. Because when He calls you… nothing is more important.”)

Let the priests cry and pray for mercy for your people saying, “Don’t let others laugh at us and say, ‘Where is their God?’”

Oh, when God hears that, He will be stirred up with Zeal for a People of His very own. He will pour out on those who are His every good thing they need.

Don’t be afraid. Sing and rejoice because the Lord has done marvelous things. The animals will have a happy home again, and the crops will spring to life. Be glad, Children of Zion, be glad for all your God has done, because He has faithfully given you the rain so that you can plant your seeds. And He will cause more rain to come down for you. The rains for planting and the rains for making the plants grow fruit will come together in the same month.

You will eat and your tummies will be happy and full. You will boast about God’s name and the wondrous way He’s treated you.

God says, “My People will never be embarrassed or look bad again. Then you will know that I am with you. I am the Lord your God. There is no one else who even comes close.

“And after all this, I will pour out My Holy Spirit Oil on all kinds of people.

“Your sons and daughters will speak Heaven’s Words.

“Your old men will Dream Heaven’s Dreams.

“Your young men will See with Heaven-Eyes.

“In those days My servants, both men and women, will have My Holy Spirit Oil on their lives.

“There will be wonders in both the heaven above and the earth below. The sun will turn dark, and the moon will turn red before the great and awesome Day of the Lord. But whoever looks up to God and calls for help will be Rescued.

“On My Mount Zion and in My Holy City there will be survivors, overcomers, just as the Lord has promised! These Shining Survivors will be those who the Lord calls.”

(You’ll hear more about these people later. And in the end, they’ll be the ones dressed in fine, white clothes. So watch for them. Together they will finish the work the Father has set out for them to do.