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Passes Satan’s Test


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Jesus : Passes Satan’s Test

After Jesus was baptized, He went into the wild desert lands to be tempted by the devil, satan. Jesus didn’t eat anything for 40 days and 40 nights, so He got very hungry, hungry, hungry. Growl went the foxes. Growl went the wolves. Groooowwwl went Jesus’ tummy.

Just then the tempter satan came to Jesus. “I sssssee You are very hungry. Tell these ssssstones on the ground to turn into bread. Without food You will die,” satan hissed. “You are the Son of God. You can do anything you want!”

Jesus knew that was a tricky thing to say. Jesus could do anything He wanted, but He would choose to only do what made His Father happy. So, Jesus told the tempter, “It is written in the scriptures, ‘A person can’t live only on food. People need every word that God says, too.’”

Next, satan took Him to Jerusalem (the Holy City) and had Him stand high up on the tippy, tippy top of the Temple. “If God is the only big stuff, show me that You are big stuff. If You really are the Son of God, jump off this building! The scriptures say that angels will catch You, so You don’t have to worry about being hurt.”

But Jesus saw it was another trick and answered, “But the scriptures also say, ‘Don’t set up a test to see if God is right or not.’”

Lastly, the devil took Jesus to a very high mountain and showed Him all the cool and shiny kingdoms of the world. Satan hissed, “These kingdomsssss of the world are my kingdomsssss. But, I will give them ALL to You, IF You will bow down and worship me.”

No way! Jesus knew the FIRST of God’s 10 rules better than anybody! Those kingdoms could have been nice for Jesus to have, but Jesus would NEVER EVER EVER bow to satan.

“GET AWAY from Me, satan! The scriptures say, ‘ONLY worship GOD, and serve only Him!’”

At that, satan had to run away, away, away as fast as he could. After satan ran away, angels did come and give Jesus the food and water and everything else that He needed.

Jesus had choices to choose good or bad, right or wrong, just like you. And, do you know what? Jesus made ALL the right choices, every time. He never made a bad choice ever. Jesus had passed the Test.