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Didn’t Take a Break From Loving


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Jesus : Didn’t Take a Break From Loving

Jesus had just heard some sad news. John the runner and baptizer had been put in prison and then was very meanly killed. Jesus loved John. Jesus missed John. But the days had been so busy, busy, busy that Jesus had hardly had time to take a deep breath and rest.

So many people had been coming and going that Jesus and His disciples hadn’t even had time to eat! They were feeling hungry. They were feeling tired. They were feeling sad.

Jesus told His disciples, “Come with Me to a quiet place for awhile, so we can be by ourselves and get some rest.” So they all climbed into a boat and sailed to another side of the lake where it looked like a nice quiet place. Shhhhh…

As they sailed away, a man on the shore yelled out, “Hey everybody, Jesus and His disciples are getting into a boat to go to the other side of the lake.”

“Oh!” yelled another man. “We can run to the other side of the lake and meet them there. Come on. Let’s go!”

The crowd ran, ran, ran as fast as their feet could go to get to the other side of the lake!

When Jesus’ boat reached the other side of the lake, He looked up and saw…

A BIG crowd of people coming. Mommies, daddies, babies coming. Brothers, sisters, friends, coming. Not hundreds of people coming, but thousands of people coming. They all wanted to see Jesus! They wanted to hear Jesus. They all wanted Jesus to fix their boo-boos.

Have you ever been in a crowd? Crowds are NOT quiet and relaxing. And this was a big crowd, all trying to do ONE THING — get close to Jesus.

What should Jesus do? Do you think He’s going to sail away? No. Jesus knew these people had come a long way to get here. Jesus knew they were poor and hungry and sick. Jesus knew they needed His help.

So even though Jesus was very tired and very hungry and feeling a little sad, he had compassion on the people and loved them. He knew they were like lost, hungry sheep that needed a strong Shepherd to lead them. So He decided He DIDN’T need a break to rest right then after all.

He let them come to Him. He let them see Him. He let them hear Him. He let them touch, touch, touch Him. And when He touched them, He healed them of their owies.

Have you ever thought about how since Jesus was a man, like us, He hurt and had feelings and got tired and sleepy. He had times when He didn’t feel strong. But, Jesus never took a break from Loving. He gave and gave and gave of Himself.

Sure, He slept. He cried. He rested. But He always kept His eyes on His Father’s work and did what His Father asked Him to do. Every single day. Every single minute.

Did you know that there are people who do everything they can to follow Jesus’ lead and live this way today? And, one day, you can be one of those people too.