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Jesus, the Rescuer

Death Can’t Hold Him Down


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Jesus, the Rescuer : Death Can’t Hold Him Down

Something sad is about to happen next in the story. But it was all part of God’s Plan, so don’t let your heart be troubled, okay?

God often does things that seem painful or He asks us to make choices that are difficult because HE knows the spectacular thing that’s going to happen as a result of that.

So don’t worry because that’s true for Jesus’ story too. He knows the spectacular thing that’s going to happen after a seemingly, really hard or difficult choice.

Part of God’s Big Plan was that His Son, Jesus, was going to have to die. While this would be a very sad day, it has a very happy ending.

God gave His only Son, Jesus, to the world because He loves us.

God sent Him down to earth knowing that He would die. But He also knew that this was needed for His Big Master Plan to work.

God is the only source of True Life, and sin separates us from our Perfect God bringing death to our insides, and eventually our outsides.

If you want to know the penalty for sin, just look at what happened to Jesus. The consequence of sin is always death. That’s why when God gave Moses the Law, God said that an animal would have to die as a reminder to us that sin is not okay. It always costs a life.

But now, God was making a real Way for people to be made right with Him, with the blood of His Son. Jesus was going to die for our sins, becoming the Perfect Passover Lamb for all of us.

Many sad things happened the day Jesus died. Judas betrayed Him. And the jealous religious pretenders ganged up and plotted together to come up with a nasty plan.

They had Jesus arrested. People hit Him. People said mean things about Him. They made bleeding holes and deep cuts in His hands and feet and side.

Then Jesus was killed on a cross.

It was a sad time. But this is exactly what the Prophets — Isaiah, Daniel, Micah, and others — had said would happen to the Messiah. This was the guy.

Every one of us deserves death for our crimes against God. But, Jesus was buying back our lives with His own life, making a way to be made right with God.

In the Deal of Rules given through Moses, the lamb sacrificed for sins was only a shadow lamb. Jesus was the real lamb. Sacrificed for our sins. Once and for all.

He was the perfect lamb — a real and Heavenly Lamb that would forgive and wash away the sins of everyone who would let Him be their Lord, their boss. Just as John had said, “This man is the Lamb of God who takes away the sins of the world.”

But it’s important to know that people didn’t take Jesus’ life; He willingly gave His life. He offered Himself as a sacrifice for our sins. And during that time, He never once reacted or yelled or cried in pain.

For three days, Jesus was dead. All His friends were sad. They thought their whole world was falling apart.

But then on the third day, something happy and amazing and wonder, wonder, wonderful happened! I bet you know what it was. Jesus came back to life! And He’s been alive ever since.

Like David had said so long before… NOTHING could keep Him in the grave. Death could not hold Him down.

Jesus had Risen! He’s Alive and the God of the Living! And this was ALL part of God’s Big, Beautiful Plan. He was making a way back to the Garden of Eden and to the Tree of Life.