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Jesus Blesses the Children

Let Them Come!


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Jesus Blesses the Children : Let Them Come!

Large crowds of people were following Jesus. Busy, busy, busy. Jesus was healing people who were sick or crippled and others were just asking Him questions. And that’s not all. Mommies and daddies were bringing their little children to Jesus, even their tiny babies. The mommies and daddies just wanted Jesus to touch their little ones — for Him to pray for them and their futures.

Have you ever noticed how a few little children can turn into a LOT of little children? If so, I imagine you know what happened next. Those little children surrounded Jesus.

When the disciples saw the mommies and daddies and children all around Jesus, they said, “Whoa, whoa, whoa! Don’t bring all these children to Jesus. Back away. Back away.”

Now, I’m not sure what Jesus’ disciples were thinking. But when they tried to stop the children from coming to Jesus, He was not happy about it. He said, “Let those precious little children come to Me. I want them close, close, close. They can sit on My lap and hold My hand and look into My eyes. Don’t stop them from coming to Me. Let them come, come, come! The Kingdom of Heaven belongs to little children like these.”

Did you know that sometimes Jesus’ disciples would argue over who they thought was the greatest in God’s Kingdom? But Jesus told them, “You have to become like little children, or you will never even get into the Kingdom of Heaven! Whoever humbles himself like this little child is the greatest in My expression on earth. And whoever opens their arms for Me and says, ‘Come here’ to a child like this, opens their arms to Me.

“So don’t look down on these little fellas and ladies. They have angels in Heaven watching over them, and those angels are always looking into the face of My Father. He doesn’t want even one of these little ones lost.”

Then Jesus scooped the little children up into His arms, put His hands on each one of them and blessed, blessed, blessed them.