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The Young Can Do Great Things


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Jeremiah : The Young Can Do Great Things

During the time when Josiah, the boy king, was doing the big job of ruling the kingdom, God called on another young man to do another big job for Him.

His name was Jeremiah. God said to Jeremiah, “Before you were growing in your mom’s tummy, I knew you. I knew who you were going to be. Before you were born, Jeremiah, I picked you to be My special man, a Truth-speaker to the world.”

Imagine being Jeremiah! That sounds like he had a big job, a hard job!

Jeremiah said to God, “I am too young, I don’t know how to say the words the right way.”

But God said, “No, you are NOT too young. You must go where I tell you to go. You must say what I tell you to say. And don’t be afraid, because I will save you whenever you need help.”

Then God reached out His hand, and touched Jeremiah’s mouth and said, “I will give you exactly the words I want you to say. So stand at attention and say, ‘Yes, Sir!’ I will make you as strong as a big city, as strong as an iron pillar, as strong as a brass wall. People may try to fight against the words you say, but they will not win.”

So Jeremiah trusted God. He trusted that he was not too young to obey every single thing God told him to do. He was not too young to simply obey, and neither are YOU!