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Jehoiada Helps Joash

Get God’s House Back in Order


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Jehoiada Helps Joash : Get God’s House Back in Order

Thanks to Jehoiada the priest’s wisdom and love and help, for a long time King Joash did many good things as king.

One of the things King Joash did was he insisted that God’s Temple be repaired and stay well kept. Very good idea!

God’s House had been neglected, and wicked Athaliah had taken many of the gifts given to God and had spent them on the false-god Baals.

Jehoiada and Joash put a stop to that. They worked hard for many, many years to make sure there was plenty of money and workers to get God’s House, His Temple, back in order.

As long as Jehoiada was priest, sacrifices were offered regularly to God at the Temple. It was a good and peaceful time.

Jehoiada grew older and died at the nice age of 130. He was buried in Zion with the kings. Even though Jehoiada was not the king, he had accomplished so much good with God’s Family, and for God, and His House that they wanted this kingly priest buried with royalty.

That’s pretty special, isn’t it? The people recognized and treasured that even though Jehoiada didn’t have a king’s title, he had a kingly Royal posture that led the people in the ways of God.