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Jacob & Esau

Two Nations in One Tummy


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Jacob & Esau : Two Nations in One Tummy

Remember Isaac and his pretty-hearted wife, Rebekah? Well, Isaac loved Rebekah very much. But Rebekah was sad because she wasn’t able to have a baby. So Isaac begged God to please oh please let Rebekah have a baby. Well, God heard Isaac’s prayer and said “yes”!

So Rebekah’s tummy got big, big, BIG. Wriggle, kick, shove, bump, bump went her tummy — so much wriggle-kick-bumping that Rebekah thought maybe something was wrong. So she did what all wise people do when they are hurting. She talked to God about it.

God explained, “Two nations are in your tummy. One nation will be stronger than the other. The older boy will serve the younger boy.”

Rebekah wasn’t just having one baby, but two baby boys! And they would each become leaders of entire nations of people.

Finally, the time came for the two boys to be born. The first baby was red all over, like red hairy clothes, so they named him Esau, which means “hairy”. When his younger brother arrived, his little hand was grabbing hold of Esau’s tiny heel. They named him Jacob, which means “sneaky grabber”.

You’ll learn more about both of them.