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Dreams the Best Dream While Sleeping on a Rock Pillow


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Jacob : Dreams the Best Dream While Sleeping on a Rock Pillow

After Jacob sneakily stole Isaac’s blessing from Esau, Jacob left home because Esau was so mad at him. Jacob headed off to his mother Rebekah’s old homeland. Every day, Jacob would walk and walk, and at night he would find a place to sleep.

One evening as he walked, Jacob realized the sun was setting and he had better find a place to set up his bed. But Jacob was in the middle of NOWHERE. Hmmm, what should he make his bed out of? He pulled a blanket out of his pack, “That’ll do.”

“And what about a pillow?” Jacob looked around for something that looked like a nice pillow. But he didn’t have very many options. So do you know what he used for a pillow? He used a rock! But Jacob didn’t mind. He drifted off to sleep right away on his nice rock pillow. While he was sleeping, he dream, dream, dreamed.

Do you ever have dreams while you’re sleeping? Have you ever had a really special dream that you didn’t want to wake up from? Well, that was the type of dream Jacob had while he was sleeping on his rock pillow. It was a very beautiful dream. Do you want to hear what it was?

In Jacob’s dream, he saw a tall stairway. It was so tall, that even though the bottom of the stairway was sitting on the earth, when Jacob looked up, he could see that the stairs reached up, up, up all the way to Heaven! And that’s not all. There were angels on the stairs — some were going up the stairs toward Heaven, and some were coming down the stairs toward earth.

But at the very top of the stairs was the best part of all! Standing at the top of the stairs, was God.

God said to Jacob, “I am the Lord! I am the God of your father, Isaac, and your grandfather, Abraham. Jacob, I am going to give a gift to you, and your children, and all their children after them. I’m going to give you this land you are sleeping on. I’m going to give you so many children, who will have more children, and who will have more and more children. There will be so many children that you won’t be able to count them all! They’ll cover this land in all directions — north, south east, and west.”

(Does that sound familiar? That’s the same promise God gave to Abraham, isn’t it?)

God continued, “I am with you! I will protect you wherever you go. And one day I will bring you back to this very spot where you are sleeping on this rock pillow. I will not leave you! I will do what I promised you.”

Then Jacob woke up. He thought, “Wow! Wow! WOW! God was here all along and I didn’t even realize it. This is an awe, awe, awesome place! This is the House of God — the Gateway to Heaven!”

What Jacob had seen was so mouth-dropping AWEsome that Jacob set the stone pillow in that spot and poured oil on it. He even changed the name of that place to Bethel, House of God.

There he made a promise to God saying, “Since God is going to be with me and protect me along my way, then He will be my God. This will be the House of God. And for every 10 things that God gives me, I will give 1 back to Him.”

Then Jacob continued on his way thinking, “Wow! Wow! Wow!”