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The Boy Who Trusted Both His Daddies


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Isaac : The Boy Who Trusted Both His Daddies

Isaac was a really special child. Abraham and Sarah, his mom and dad, loved him very much. Isaac was a promise straight from God. Remember how Abraham and Sarah couldn’t have any children and they were very old, but God promised that He would give them a son. And that was Isaac! He made them laugh!

Abraham had raised Isaac, and Isaac was now a big, strong boy.

One day, God spoke to Abraham.


“Yes, God?”

“I need you to do something for Me.”

“Anything, God.”

“I know how you love your son, Isaac. I want you to sacrifice him as a burnt offering to Me.”

Abraham could hardly breathe. His eyes started to have tears. His hands started to tremble. His legs felt weak.

But, Wait! Abraham took a deep breath… and he remembered his long journey with God. Abraham relaxed his muscles. No trembling. No tears. He stood up tall.

God had never failed! God was always good! God was always right! And God was always God. (That means God made all the rules and gets to make all the decisions). Abraham had Trust, Trust, Trusted God without wavering for the birth of Isaac, even when it seemed impossible. And he would Trust, Trust, Trust God NOW. That’s Faith!

Isaac was the child God had promised. But, God could do or have anything He wanted from Abraham. Abraham knew God could even raise Isaac from the dead if He wanted.

“Yes, Sir, God,” Abraham said. “I will do it right away.”

Early the next morning, Abraham got up and called Isaac, “Isaac.”

“Yes, Dad?”

“Isaac, we’re going to make a sacrifice to God on the mountain.”

“Yes, Sir.”

So they gathered what they needed for the trip, and started up the mountain.

“Hey, dad? We’ve got the wood and fire, but did we forget to bring the lamb for the sacrifice?”

Abraham answered, “God will give us a lamb.”

“Yes, Dad.”

They reached the very top of the mountain and together they built an altar.

Abraham took a deep breath, and called Isaac, “Come here, Isaac.”

“Yes, Dad.”

“You are the sacrifice, Isaac. You are the gift God wants me to give to Him.”

Isaac could hardly breathe. His eyes started to have tears. His hands started to tremble. His legs felt weak.

But Wait! Isaac took a deep breath… and remembered. His Daddy, Abraham, loved him very much. And His Daddy had taught him all about the wonders and powers of the God Almighty! Isaac had seen and heard and knew God was worthy to be respected and obeyed. But most of all, Isaac trust, trust, trusted his Daddy, Abraham, and he trust, trust, trusted God, their Heavenly Daddy.

So, Isaac took a deep breath, and stood tall. He knew his daddy loved him. He wanted to help his daddy, Abraham, do what God asked him to do.

“Let’s go ahead, dad,” Isaac whispered. “Let’s do it right away.”

Everything was ready. Abraham had the wood, the fire, the knife, and the sacrifice. Abraham gripped the knife, ready to sacrifice his son.

“A gift for you, God,” Abraham said with a little tear in his eye, as he started to bring the knife down.

“SSSTTTOOOPPP!!!” A big voice boomed out of nowhere.

“Stop, Abraham!” An angel said. “You don’t need to sacrifice your son. God knows now that you fear Him and See Him for who He is and will do anything for Him.”

Just then they heard, “Maaaa, maaaaaa.” There in a bush was a ram, an animal to sacrifice instead! Abraham and Isaac laughed together, with so-happy tears running down their cheeks.

God had provided a perfect lamb.