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If You Love Me, You’ll Obey Me

A Packaged Deal


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If You Love Me, You’ll Obey Me : A Packaged Deal

As Jesus got up from the table, He continued to pour out the Good News of this new agreement and the whole new Life that was coming. He said, “If you love Me, then you’ll obey Me. And then I will ask the Father and He will give you a Special present, a Helper to be with you forever — the Spirit of Truth. The world won’t accept the Spirit because it doesn’t see or know Him. But you know Him, because He is with you and sooooon He will be IN you.

“I won’t leave you alone with no daddy; I’ll come back to you. Pretty soon the world is not going to see Me any more, but you will see Me. And because I live, you will live too! Then you will know that I am in the Father and that you are in Me and I am in you. A person who knows and obeys the things I’ve said is a person who loves Me! And the one who loves Me will be loved by My Daddy. And I’ll also love him and will make clear to him who I really am.

“If someone loves Me, then they will obey My word. Then My Daddy will love him, and both Me and My Dad will come and make our home, our resting place, inside that person.

“But the person who doesn’t love Me, won’t obey My words. And really they’re My Father’s words.

“I’m telling you this now while we’re together. But the Special Helper that’s coming, the Holy Spirit, will teach you all about this and will help you remember everything I told you while we were together.

“I’m leaving you Peace. My Peace. So don’t let your hearts be stressed out or afraid or anything less than courageous.

“I know you heard Me say I’m going away, but if you loved Me you’d be happy for Me because I’m gonna get to be with My Daddy and He’s as good as it gets.

“We won’t be able to talk much longer, because satan is coming. But he has no grip on Me; I’m just doing this to show the world that I love the Father and I do exactly what He tells Me.

“Hop up, it’s time to leave.” And off they went walking across the valley.

Are you hearing what Jesus is saying? He’s saying, “Obedience to God, My Dad, is not just about trying real hard to be good instead of bad. There’s a love relationship involved in this, fellas! Obedience isn’t just because “I should do this” or because “it’s good and right to obey.”

Yeah, yeah, yeah, that’s all true, but if you love the one who’s asking you to do something, then you’ll WANT to obey. You will obey. Because when you love someone, you trust them. When you love someone, you want to make them happy. Obedience can be a joy when you love.

Let’s be those kinds of people for Him — lovers and obeyers.