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His Chosen Disciples

Sent Out To Trust


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His Chosen Disciples : Sent Out To Trust

Jesus had been teaching His disciples, talking to them, answering their questions. Now it was time to send out the 12 men Jesus had chosen. It was time to start telling the world about the coming of God’s Kingdom.

Jesus divided them into groups of two and told them, “Get ready, it’s time for you to go off on some trips to do the work I have given you to do.”

When you go on a trip, do you usually pack a suitcase or a backpack? Well, Jesus made the disciples’ packing very easy. Are you ready to hear what He told them to pack? He told them to pack: nothing!

He told them, “Don’t take a bag to carry your stuff. Don’t take any bread or snacks to munch on. Don’t take any money in your pockets to buy things. Don’t try to bring any extra clothes or shoes. You’ll just have your sandals on your feet and the clothes on your back.”

Jesus was teaching them how to trust, trust, trust, wasn’t He?

He warned them of what their journey would be like. He warned, “I am sending you out like My sheep, but be aware there are people who are like wolves out there. So be wise like a snake but as sweet and innocent as a little dove.”

And, “Don’t worry about what you are going to say. Father will let you know what to say when the time comes. Some people are not going to like what you say, so they will not like you. But, don’t worry about it. Just stay strong to the very end.

“Don’t be afraid. People are trying to keep secret and in the dark all the yucky, evil stuff in their hearts, but I am going to shine My light on all of it. And, whatever I tell you in the dark, speak it in the light. And whatever I whisper in your ear to say, hop on a rooftop and shout it out to everyone!

“And remember, even the little sparrows don’t go unnoticed by God. And you are more valuable than sparrows. God sees you and is paying attention. In fact, He’s got all the hairs on your head numbered.”

So Jesus sent, sent, sent them out of town on their trips to get to work. Two by two. They went out and told people, “Hey! The Kingdom of Heaven is getting very close!” They told people they could change the direction of their hearts. People could turn around from doing bad things and instead make choices to do what was Good and Right.

And that’s not all. Jesus didn’t just give His disciples words to say. He also gave them the power like He had to help people and heal people all along the way.

Think about it…

Now I have been on many trips with some of you little ones. Can I tell you something I have noticed that y’all might need to work on a bit? I know you want to know, so I’ll tell you.

I have noticed that when you go on trips or spend the night at someone’s house, you like to pack your bag with all your special things and you like to have things just a certain way. Maybe you feel like you just have to pack your special stuffed animal. Or your favorite blue shirt. Or maybe you always listen to something or read a book before bed.

Many times that is going to be just fine and dandy. But have you ever thought about how you can practice this same trust, trust, trust when your parents tell you that you can’t take something you want to bring along? Maybe you can’t take your favorite pjs or you can’t take your iPad or your favorite book.

It’s okay, you don’t have to take it. Just trust, trust, trust. Like Jesus’ disciples did.

You be a little disciple, a little learner, a follower of the people like Jesus in your life.

Later, Jesus sent out 72 more disciples. He sent them to every place where He was about to go.

When they returned from their trip, they were so excited and they told Jesus all about the good things that happened, and how they had power to win the fight against evil things.

Jesus said, “Yes, I saw that! I saw satan falling down, down, down from the sky like lightning. But, don’t rejoice that you have special power to win over evil satan. But instead, just be happy that your names are written in Heaven.”

Jesus later prayed so happily, “Thank You, Father, Lord of Heaven and earth, that You have hidden these important things from the smarty pants people (the people who think they are “big stuff”) and revealed them to these guys who are like little children. Daddy, it does make You happy to do things this way, doesn’t it?”

Then He turned to His disciples and said, “Blessed are the eyes which see the things you see, because many prophets and kings really wanted to see and hear what you are seeing and hearing now. They didn’t get to see it, and they didn’t get to hear it. But you do!”

And, guess what? YOU get to, too!