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Singing the Sad Song by the River


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God’s Children : Singing the Sad Song by the River

When God’s Children were in Babylon working, working, working beside the rivers (like Ezekiel was when God first called him), the Babylonians would make fun of them. They would laugh and say, “Pick up your instruments and sing us some songs about your ‘beautiful’ City, Zion.” The Babylonians knew that they were the ones who had torn down the city and ruined God’s Temple and stolen God’s precious treasures. They knew they had wrecked, wrecked, wrecked God’s City. They were teasing in a mean way.

Eventually, one of the captives did write a song. This is how it started:

By the rivers of Babylon we sit down and cry, cry, cry when we remember Zion.

On the trees by the river we hung up our harps because we don’t want to sing anymore.

Our captors ask us to write songs; they make fun of us and demand that we be happy, saying, “Sing for us a song about your ‘beautiful’ Zion!”

How can we sing a happy song in this strange, foreign land?

If I ever forget you, God’s Beautiful City, Zion, may my right hand become hurt and not work anymore!

May my tongue get stuck to the top of my mouth if I do not remember you Zion, and if I do not give your City priority over whatever gives me the greatest joy.