Bible Stories for the Young

The Curtain Is Ripped


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The Curtain Is Ripped :

All there was from scripture was puzzle pieces. The promise of a new deal. The promise of a coming Rescuer who would make things better. But it had been pretty unclear what this Rescuer was going to actually DO and HOW He was going to do it. But right here at this point in time, things start to become more and more clear for anyone who is looking.

I’d like to back up for a minute and tell you a couple more things that happened on that day that Jesus died.

Do you remember waaaaay back in this big story we told you about that thick, thick, thick curtain that was in God’s House? That curtain blocked off the Most Holy Place where God lived, didn’t it? Only the high priest could go in there. And he could only go in there once a year to offer a sacrifice to say sorry for all the bad things he and the people had done.

Well, at the exact second that Jesus died, the sky went black. There was an earthquake. And that big, thick curtain RIPPED IN TWO! It ripped from top to bottom.

I’m sure some religious people wanted to or tried to sew that cloth curtain back together. But that piece of cloth wouldn’t matter any more because God had ripped the REAL curtain in His REAL House. And He ripped it forever. There would be no sewing it back. God had opened the door to His room!

Hmmm… Why did He do that? People were just as dirty as they’d ever been, from the time of Moses til then, til now. What was the difference?!

And just because the door is open, doesn’t mean anyone can just waltz right in. The ripped curtain didn’t make us all of a sudden holy enough to go in there.

But God’s Big Beautiful Plan involves all of us who want to Know Him being able to get in His room. So, if we can’t just waltz in there, how are we gonna get in there?

Just keep listening…