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Get in His Rooms

All Three of Them


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Get in His Rooms : All Three of Them

We hope by now that you are starting to understand that the Old Testament was just a shadow of the Big Plan that was made Real in Jesus.

We’ve already talked about how those who are born again into His Life and Spirit are now the REAL Temple of God, the “House” of His Spirit. But let’s talk about what happens inside His House.

Remember God’s blueprint for His shadow house with the walls, the altar, the washbowl, the spices, the lampstand, the bread table, the big thick curtain, and the ark.

Inside the shadow house there were three areas, weren’t there?

Past the outer court walls, where the altar and the washbowl were, was the place where a perfect lamb was sacrificed as a payment and reminder that sin was not okay. In the New Covenant, Jesus, God’s Perfect Son, became the final sacrifice for the forgiveness of sins, for all who would come to Him.

Today, in God’s Real House, many people want to come into this area of having their sins forgiven. But, then they never go into the other rooms of the House. So I want to make sure you understand that when you bow your knee to Jesus, there are treasures to find in all of His rooms.

Deeper into the House, past the outer court, was the Holy Place, where the spices, the lampstand, and the bread table were. All the priests had priestly jobs to do in that Holy Room. This was the place of serving with light, nourishment, and prayer. In the New Covenant, everyone is a priest, serving each other every day with that Holy Spirit encouraging/warning/urging we’ve been talking about.

And even deeper into the House, behind the Big Thick Curtain… was the MOST Holy Place. God’s Special Room with the Ark. Only one specially selected priest was allowed in there, and only ONCE a year. In the New Covenant, Jesus is that once-and-for-all, forever, perfect priest. And on the day Jesus died, that Big Thick Curtain blocking the room was ripped in two, wasn’t it?

So now, anyone who hides their life in Jesus, can go into the Most Holy Place, where God’s Presence comes. It’s the place where you come close, close, close to God Himself in a deep relationship. Remember! What is forever life? To Know Him. And that has everything to do with getting in His room.

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