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Forgiven Much, Lovin’ Much

The Lady Who Used Her Hair as a Towel


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Forgiven Much, Lovin’ Much : The Lady Who Used Her Hair as a Towel

During this time, there was a lady who made many, many bad choices. She knew it. And everyone who saw her, knew it. But this lady knew something else: Jesus was in town. And she knew Jesus was GOOD!

During this same time there was a teacher of God’s Law. He thought his choices were pretty good (well… most of the time, compared to people like this lady). He knew Jesus was a pretty good guy too, like himself — probably a prophet! So he wanted to invite Jesus to dinner.

Well, when the lady heard that Jesus was at that teacher’s house having dinner, she knew what she was going to do. This was her chance, and she was going to grab it.

So, she carefully went to her special box and took out a very fragile bottle of perfume. It was a very special and expensive treasure to her. She carefully wrapped it up and headed straight for the house where Jesus was.

Not only was she not invited to dinner, she knew she was not welcome at that teacher’s house. Everyone there knew she was a sinner, and they knew she was very dirty, dirty, dirty on the inside. But, the only thing she cared about right now was seeing Jesus. So, she burst into the house.

As soon as she saw Jesus, her heart started to overflow with sorrow. She was so sorry for all the badness in her heart, and big tears started rolling down her cheeks. “I’m not worthy to do anything but wash His feet,” she thought. As her tears fell on Jesus’ feet, she could see that Jesus’ feet were dusty from all His walking. She didn’t have a bowl of water, but she did have her wet tears. And she didn’t have a towel, but she did have her hair! As the lady’s tears continued to flow, she began to wipe Jesus’ feet with her hair, and even kissed His feet. (Feet aren’t the cleanest things are they? But she didn’t care.) She then broke open her bottle of precious perfume and poured it on Jesus’ feet to make them smell good! (I bet Jesus appreciated that.)

Now the teacher of the law was watching this lady. In his mind he thought bad things about her and Jesus: “If Jesus were really a prophet, He would know that this is a bad, bad lady! How could He let her touch Him like that?!”

What do you think Jesus was thinking? Who was making Jesus more happy right then?

Jesus said to the teacher, “Let Me tell you a story. Suppose two people owed money to a money-lender. One person owed MUCH money, but the other person only owed a little money. Neither of them had any money to pay the lender back. They could both could go to jail for not being able to pay. But the money lender said, ‘It’s okay. I forgive you both. You don’t have to pay me back the money.’ (Whew!) Which person would love the generous and forgiving money-lender more? The person who was forgiven much money or the person who was forgiven little money?” Jesus asked.

Do you know the answer?

The teacher of the law said, “Well, I guess the one who was forgiven much money.”

“That’s right,” answered Jesus. “So why are you thinking bad things about this woman? She did better than you did. You didn’t wash My feet, but she washed My feet and used her hair as a towel. You didn’t kiss Me, but she has not stopped kissing My feet. You didn’t pour perfume on My head, but she has made My feet smell — mmmmm — good with perfume. So now ALL her badness — and she had a lot — is totally forgiven. She is forgiven MUCH MUCH MUCH, and now she is lovin’ MUCH, MUCH, MUCH. But the one who is forgiven only a little, only loves a little.”

The teacher had thought he was pretty good and needed only a little forgiven, so the teacher only gave Jesus a little love. But the lady knew she needed forgiven MUCH, so she loved Jesus MUCH, MUCH, MUCH.

Then Jesus turned to the lady. “All your badness is forgiven and gone. Your faith has saved you. You can go forward in Peace now.” And the Lovin’-much lady DID just that.