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Father's Love

Turns Red Stains White


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Father's Love : Turns Red Stains White

Now that we’ve been talking for quite awhile, do you understand what sin is?

Sin is when you won’t let God be the boss of your mouth or eyes or thoughts or body or loves or relationships or priorities. It’s when you continually resist obeying God in something — in anything.

This resisting makes you so dull, dull, dull that you can hardly recognize that you need to change. It’s a lack of turning to Him to accept Him and His words as Truth.

So sin is when you make the choice to lose out on God’s Presence and Gifts! You lose His companionship, friendship and involvement in this life and the forever life to come.

That sounds awful and not smart, huh? So we need to take sin seriously, don’t we?

Sin has always been very serious. That’s why God through Isaiah told the people, “Come over here and let’s talk. We have a problem, but I want to reason it out with you. Even though your sins have stained you bright red, you can become as white as snow. Even though your sins are so bright-red and obvious, you can become as pure as a little lamb’s wool. If you have a willing attitude and obey, then good stuff will happen. If not, bad stuff.”

Think about it…

What if every time you did something wrong — like disobeyed, or were disrespectful or unkind, or lied — it was like spilling a cup of red grape juice on white carpet? Picture what your carpet would look like. A big red stain for every single time you fussed, or grumbled, or were prideful or selfish. Isn’t that kind of what sin is like? If you think about it and are honest, you can feel that, can’t you?

Sin stains you and makes you feel dirty. And that feels terrible, doesn’t it? Well, God allows us to feel that feeling, but He never meant for that terrible feeling to be the end of the story.

So God is dropping another puzzle piece through Isaiah about His coming Plan to wash away those bright red sin stains. And like we keep telling you, this Plan will change everything!

“Yes, I am the One who can erase your crimes. I won’t even remember the stuff you’ve done wrong.

“I will blow away your bad things like a cloud in the wind. I will make your sins disappear, like the morning mist disappears when the sun shines on it. Come back to Me!

“Don’t be afraid; I’m with you. Don’t be sad. I am your God and I will make you strong. I am the Lord your God who takes hold of your right hand and says to you, ‘Don’t be afraid because I, Myself, will help you.’ Don’t be afraid, for I will keep you safe. I have redeemed you — I have bought you back out of your trouble. I’m calling you. And I’m not just saying ‘hey, you.’ I’m using your name — because you are MINE.

“When you are in deep water, I’ll be with you. When you are in a rushing river, it won’t knock you over. Even if you walk through a fiery furnace, you won’t be burned!

“I AM the One who saves you.

“It cost Me a lot to get you back. I paid a huge price for you because you are oh, so precious and special in My sight. I love you!

“Gather together, all My People. From every direction, I will gather My Children close to Me. Come close, close, close everyone who belongs to Me — everyone who I created for My glory and shaped with My very own Hands. I want you to be close to Me!“

After Isaiah hears some of this good news coming, he bursts out:

“Sing for joy, you Heavens above, for the Lord has done this! Shout out, O earth below. Burst into song you mountains, and forests with all your trees. For the Lord has bought back His Children. He displays His glory in His Nation.“

Can you believe how deep and wide our Heavenly Father’s love is? To stubborn and undeserving people He says the most beautiful, kind words: “I’m calling you by your name because you are MINE.” What a marvelous and all-deserving Father! I’m so glad God will never give up on His Big Plan of having a pure white Bride for His Son. He deserves it!