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The Man Who Made a Foolish Trade


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Esau : The Man Who Made a Foolish Trade

As Isaac and Rebekah’s twin boys grew up into men, Jacob was calm and quiet and liked staying inside their tent. But, Esau became a skilled hunter who liked to be outside.

One time, Esau wanted something soooo much that he was willing to trade anything to have it. Have you ever wanted something soooo much? Do you want to know what he wanted soooo much? Well, let’s start back at the beginning of the story.

One day, Jacob was at home like he usually was, and he was cooking some bean soup.

When Esau came in from being outside and hunting all day, he was super hungry, hungry, hungry. So Esau said to Jacob, “Feed me some of that yummy soup, because I’m starving!” Esau really wanted that bean soup — and he wanted it NOW!

But Jacob answered, “Let’s make a trade. You give me your birthright, and I’ll give you this bean soup.”

Did you know?

Do you know what a birthright is? A birthright is a bunch of special gifts that a father would give to whichever son was born first. So since Esau was born before Jacob, Esau had a bunch of special gifts he would get when he was older. But Jacob wanted the special things from his dad, so Jacob tried to make a trade with Esau.

“Look,” said Esau to Jacob, “I’m so hungry I feel like I’m about to die! What good are those special gifts to me later? I’m hungry now, now, now!”

But Jacob said, “Promise me that I can have your birthright if I give you some soup.” And Esau promised. (Even though Esau foolishly agreed to the deal, Jacob was also being a grabber and taking advantage of Esau.)

So Jacob gave Esau some bread and soup. And Esau slurp, slurp, slurped it all up, and gone with the soup went all those special things he could have had.

Think about it…

What was Esau thinking?! His birthright was a gift from God since he was born first. But Esau threw away his gift from God because he wanted that silly soup so much. He cared more about filling up his belly than he cared about the special thing God had given him. All Esau thought about was what he wanted now, now, now. He didn’t stop to think about his future. How foolish!

Now that the soup was gone and his belly was full, Esau felt bad that he traded his birthright for one little meal. So, he stormed off angrily.

Later, Esau cried and cried trying to get his birthright back, but it was too late.

Some decisions have consequences that can’t be undone no matter how much we cry and cry. So, we have to be careful about what we want, don’t we? Because when you want, want, want things that are seen world temporary things instead of UnSeen forever world things, then you are giving away some of your heart that is meant for God alone. So, please don’t ever make a foolish trade like Esau made, ok? Deal?