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Elisha’s Bones

Still Doing the Work


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Elisha’s Bones : Still Doing the Work

The next year, some men were out burying some guy who had died. The Bible doesn’t tell us anything about the guy who died or the men who were burying him.

But, while they were out there, some enemies suddenly came raiding the land. When the men burying the guy saw the enemies, they said, “The enemies! Hurry! We’ve gotta get out of here, and fast!”

So, instead of burying the dead guy in his own tomb, they just tossed his body into somebody else’s tomb. Except that somebody else, wasn’t just anybody. It was Elisha! When the dead guy’s body hit Elisha’s old bones, the dead guy popped back up to life and stood on his feet!

Why did this happen? I don’t know. Maybe it was for someone who knew the man. Or, maybe God owed Elisha one more miracle in order to be double Elijah. Or maybe it was just for us so that we could smile and recognize the power of God!

I don’t know what happened next. But what do you think those men thought if they heard their friend yelling from behind them, “Hey, fellas, Wait up for me!”?

That makes me laugh and wonder if they waited for him to catch up, or if they just ran faster than ever.