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Don't Worry

He’ll Be There


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Don't Worry : He’ll Be There

Do you want to hear something very important that Jesus said? He said, “Don’t worry, worry, worry about your life. Don’t worry about what you’re going to eat or drink. Don’t worry about what clothes you’re going to wear. Aren’t there a lot more important things than food or clothes? Of course!

“Look up at the birds in the sky. Tweet, tweet, tweet, tweet, tweet. They’re happy as they fly and sing. They don’t try to grow, grow, grow food to store in a barn. Your Father in Heaven feeds them! And you are WAY more special to God than those little sparrows.

“And if you worry, worry, worry, is that going to make your life last even one hour longer? No, of course not!

“And why do you worry about what you’re going to wear? Think about the flowers growing in the field. They spread out their beautiful petals of pink and purple and yellow. But they aren’t work, work, working to look nice. No, they’re perfect the way God made them.

“And even Solomon dressed in all his fancy, royal duds didn’t have clothes nearly as nice as a simple flower. If God takes care to give the flowers their clothes — even though flowers only last a short time — don’t you think He will give you the clothes you need? Of course, He will take care of you.

“So don’t worry, worry, worry and say, ‘What will I eat? What will I drink? What will I wear?’ The people who don’t know God are the ones who seek after those things.

“But your Father knows that you need these things. So instead, spend your energy seeking first the Kingdom of God and doing what God wants, and then all these other things will be taken care of.

“So then, don’t worry, worry, worry about tomorrow. Let tomorrow worry about itself. Today has enough trouble to keep up with.”

So don’t let yourself feel anxious about tomorrow. He’ll be there when you get there. No worries!