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Daniel & His Friends

Refuse To Forget God


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Daniel & His Friends : Refuse To Forget God

Even though Jeremiah cried and cried out to the people to stop sinning and hurting God, they didn’t listen.

So, God had to discipline them. Their discipline was that God let a king from another land, Babylon, come and take over His City, Jerusalem. The Babylonian king’s name was Nebuchadnezzar. King Nebuchadnezzar would come three different times to take over Jerusalem.

The first time the king of Babylon came to God’s City, he took all of the strong, smart, young boys that he could find. He took them away to his land, Babylon.

Daniel and his three friends — Hananiah, Azariah, and Mishael — were some of the people taken far away from God’s City. They had to stay with the proud king Nebuchadnezzar and do what he said or he could punish them.

They would never see their families again. Daniel and his three friends were all by themselves in Babylon without their moms and dads. That could be pretty scary, couldn’t it? But Daniel KNEW that God wanted to take care of him, and that God was very wise. So Daniel talked to God every single day — in fact, he talked to God all throughout the day!

There were many other boys who had been taken away from God’s Land too. Most of the other boys started to forget to talk to God every day. But not Daniel. Most of the other boys started to break God’s 10 rules. But not Daniel. When those other boys didn’t have their moms and dads around to help them, they chose to forget and disobey God. But not Daniel. Not Hananiah. Not Azariah. And not Mishael. They did NOT forget.

Daniel and his three friends trusted God. They obeyed Him. They talked to Him all the time! In their hearts, they really wanted the time to come when God would bring all of His people back to His special Land, His City. They remembered and thought, thought, thought about God’s words and the words of His prophets all the time. They did NOT forget about God and God’s City, Jerusalem, Zion.

Daniel didn’t know it at the time, but he would never go back to his home in God’s City. He ended up serving four different kings throughout his life in Babylon. Daniel was very respectful and did his best serving the kings, and because of that they respected him a lot. But even more importantly, these four kings all had chances to see and hear about just how Powerful God is. (Pay close attention in the stories after this, and you’ll see what I mean!)

So even though at first it seemed like a hard thing for Daniel and his three friends to be taken away from their homes, God still had a plan for them. God looked down on the earth and saw these special boys growing up to be men. God saw that they would NOT FORGET about Him, even in a far away land. So God said, “I’m going to use those guys! Those guys are going to tell the world’s kings about Me — the King of all kings and the ONLY King of Heaven AND earth!”

So no matter what happens the rest of YOUR life — good, bad, scary, sad, happy — whatever happens, Refuse to Forget. God expects YOU to always remember, remember, remember and serve Him every day for the rest of your life.