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The Man Who Chose the Biggest Battle


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Caleb : The Man Who Chose the Biggest Battle

After the battles at Jericho and Ai, Joshua led the Lord’s Army all throughout the land. They fought for many years. Joshua took control of the land in the way the Lord had told Moses to do long before, and God gave them the land just as He had promised.

Once the fighting settled down and things were calmer, Joshua divided up the land among the tribes of Israel just as Moses had commanded years earlier.

While Joshua was dividing up the land, Caleb went to Joshua and said, “You remember what God said about us. I was forty years old when Moses sent us to spy out the land. When we saw that beautiful land and those big, big, big grapes, I came back and told Moses what was in my heart. I wanted to take that land right then. The other men who went with us were frightened of the giants in the land, and they frightened all the people, but I fully believed the Lord would allow us to win. On that day Moses promised me that the land would become my land, and that my children would own it forever. He said he’d give it to me because I fully believed in God.

“So now, the Lord has kept His promise. He has kept me alive for forty-five years since then. Here I am, eighty-five years old. I’m way older than anyone else (except you, Joshua), but I’m still as strong today as I was the day Moses sent me out, and I’m just as ready to fight for that land now as I was then. God wanted us to have it, so give me that mountain — yes, the one with the giants still living in it!

“C’mon, Joshua. God promised me! Send me into the biggest battle! I don’t care if I’m almost twice the age of anyone else! Since that day 45 years ago my heart has not slacked off or weakened — I have filled my heart up with God. I’m not afraid! With the Lord helping me, I will take that land, giants and all — just as the Lord said and wanted us to. Let me give God what He wanted.”

After hearing all this, Joshua blessed Caleb and gave him that land, the city of Hebron, as his very own.

So, with that blessing, Caleb took off towards those giants. And that land became Caleb’s because he had faith and obeyed God.

Think about it…

All these things happened a long time ago; they’re history. But, they are also “lessons” and “shadows of real things” for us right now.

Do you have anything in your life that feels like a “battle”? Does it ever “feel like a battle” just to make a right choice? You know what the right thing to do is, but in your mind it feels like a “battle” to change.

Well, guess what? You can say “no” to the bad choice and win that battle — and fast! It doesn’t have to take 40 years!

God wants us to go into the land He promised — the land where we are free to not sin. With God, we don’t have to make the bad choices.

(And as you grow older and win these battles to be soft and make right choices, then you’ll be fightin’ battles on your knees for others.)

He wants us to believe Him! “Battles” and “giants” — they ain’t nothin’ when He’s fighting on our side!

Ok. Now we’re going back to the story. Listen to what they get now that they are finally believing God!

After all this, there was finally peace and rest in the land.