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Building Without God Gets Confusing


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Babel : Building Without God Gets Confusing

From the beginning, all the people on earth spoke the same language and used the same kind of words. The only way to say “hi” was “hi.” No matter how far you traveled and no matter who you talked to… “hi” was “hi” was “hi.”

This made it easy for people to work together because it was easy for them to explain what they liked or needed or wanted. If they said, “Let’s do this,” then everybody understood it. Easy, huh?

One day, some people had an idea. They said, “C’mon, let’s make bricks. Let’s make strong bricks. Let’s make tons and tons of bricks. And let’s stack, stack, stack them up to build a tower so high that it reaches up to Heaven. We will be known all over as big stuff.”

So everyone agreed and got to work stack, stack, stacking those bricks.

Think about it…

Uh oh, people trying to get to Heaven by stacking bricks? That doesn’t sound like God’s Big Plan, does it? God wanted people to touch Heaven by knowing Him and walking with Him, not by building a tower made out of bricks!

But then, God came down to see what was going on. God watched the busy people working together. They were making bricks together, stacking bricks together, building a tall tower to Heaven together.

God knew that a people working together as one like this, speaking the same language, would be able to do anything they set out to do.

So, God called to His angels. “If these people keep working together, then whatever they decide to do, they WILL be able to do. And, we don’t want them stack, stack, stacking bricks to Heaven! So, let’s go down there and confuse, confuse, confuse their words so that they can’t understand each other.”

Did you know?

It wasn’t that God didn’t want a people who would work so hard and so happily together that they could do ANYTHING. He did! In fact, a people united and working together was part of the Design of His wonderful Big Plan.

But, He wanted them to be working with HIM, not running after their own silly, selfish ideas. Since these people were not following God’s Plan, He had to make it where they couldn’t work together selfishly like that anymore.

And that’s exactly what happened. All of a sudden, the people’s words sounded all jumbled up like a little baby’s words.

“Hi” wasn’t “hi” anymore. It was “nee-how,” “hola,” “jambo,” ”shalom.” This made things very confusing! They couldn’t understand each other! They couldn’t even say, “hi,” to each other anymore, much less figure out how to keep building their tower!

Now, if the people tried to work together, they would just get frustrated and mad. So, they started to scatter off in different directions. They spread out all over the earth.

The stack, stack, stacking of the bricks stopped, and the tower was never finished. The unfinished tower was then named “Babel,” which means “confused.”

But, as with so many things in the Bible, this story isn’t just “over.” God’s Big Plan is that people who love Him will come and work together again. People from every nation, tribe, tongue, and culture will come together. They will understand each other. They will all speak one language, His Heaven Language. These people who love Him will become ONE new People.

But this People won’t be building a tower UP TO God. Instead, they will BE God’s House. They will be like Living Stones, built together to become the very Gateway of Heaven.

And you’ll see God’s Big Plan HAPPEN.