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God’s Plan To Bless the Nations


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Abram : God’s Plan To Bless the Nations

Do you remember how God destroyed the earth in a flood and started over with only Noah and his sons and their wives? Well, Noah’s son named Shem had lots of children. And those children had more children, and then those children had more children and on and on and on for 10 generations. And then, a man named Abram was born.

One day when Abram was an older man, the Lord said to him, “Abram, I want you to get out of here. Leave your home. Leave the people you have called ‘family.’ Leave your dad’s house. Then go to a land that I will show you. After that, I will make you into a great nation. When people hear your name they will think, ‘Now THERE is a man who is Blessed by God.’

“I will bless those who bless you, and I will curse those who curse you. And not only that, I also have a Plan to bless ALL the nations on earth through you. “

Think about it…

Do you know what it means to be blessed? Being Blessed by God is like being followed by the beautiful rays of the sun. It’s like God has brushed some of the dust of His awesome love onto us, so that our life starts to glow a little.

God was always thinking ahead to His Big Plan — a People, a Bride for His Son. God’s Big Plan wasn’t just to bless a few extra special people here and there. God’s Plan was to bless a lot of people — people in all the countries of the world. But, His plan started right here with this one guy, Abram, who chose to respond to God’s voice.

God was telling Abram to pack, pack, pack up and move far away from his home, away from his dad’s house, and from everything that was familiar to him. And, do you know what Abram did? He took his wife, his nephew Lot, and his servants, and he pack, pack, packed up all his stuff and left.

He didn’t even know where he was going! But he trusted God to lead him one step at a time and get him wherever God wanted him to be.